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Without a paid appointment


It is VHA’s policy that medical facilities will achieve a mandatory COVID-19 and Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Program (VA Form 10-9050- Influenza Vaccine) by requiring all trainees to receive the COVID-19 and Seasonal Influenza Vaccine annually or obtain an exemption for reasons medical or religious (form VA 10-230 for COVID vaccination). Compliance with this guideline is a requirement of training at VA. Interns who violate this directive may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from federal service.

For Trainee Rotations Without Compensation, the rotation and dates must be confirmed in advance by the Chillicothe VAMC clinical or administrative department. Academic Affairs will contact the intern with the integration conditions and timetable. All steps must be completed within the time limit before the rotation start date. Please see above for links to forms, mandatory training and other required information.

  • Please click on the documents link above. Please complete and electronically sign Forms 306, 10-2850D and Drug Testing Consent (see links above)

The VA cares about the security of your personally identifiable information (PII).
Email me your forms. Here’s how…

1. From your personal mailbox, prepare an email to send to
2. In the body of the email, request an encrypted message.
3. Put your name in the subject line.
4. Without the forms attached, send the email.
5. We will reply to your email with an encrypted message.
6. Access the message, attach your forms, and submit the response.

It’s simple and secure.

  • Please submit the Health Professions Trainee Checklist with required documents to your school’s program director
  • Complete fingerprinting for a Human Resources background check at Chillicothe VAMC, Chillicothe, OH. Fingerprinting can be done at another VA closer to you than Chillicothe VAMC. Please contact the property to arrange. Make sure that Chillicothe VMAC’s SOI and SON numbers are on your fingerprint form (see above). Please inform the WOC messaging group of the date and location of your fingerprinting. Please click on the fingerprint instructions link above for instructions and forms. Fingerprints must be taken at least six (6) weeks prior to the clinical start date. Please bring two pieces of ID (see above). Please contact HR to arrange fingerprinting at 740-773-1141 ext. 17555
  • Complete the online training titled “Mandatory VHA Training for Trainees”. This requires you to create a new account on the VA Talent Management System (TMS). Complete the training and send the certificate of completion to the WOC messaging group. Please click on the TMS link above or on the Mandatory Training button on the left under Education and Memberships to access TMS training
  • Please check with the CVAMC program point of contact 2 weeks before the start date to ensure that all documents have been completed
  • If all requirements are not met by the start date of the rotation, the rotation will be canceled or postponed. There are no exceptions to this process.
  • You will need to send the fingerprint location/date, application and TMS certificate back to the WOC messaging group. No images, only attachments please.


You will need to resend fingerprint location/date, application and TMS certificate. No images, only attachments please. Send these files to the WOC messaging group.



Local options for courtesy fingerprints not taken at Chillicothe

Local location numbers:


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