UCMD to establish dental education department


LAHORE: With the intention of setting up the Dental Education Department, the University College of Medicine and Dentistry (UCMD), Lahore recently held a seminar on “Establishing a Dental Education Department”.

Teacher. Dr. Rehan Qamar, Principal, Dental College, UCMD; Dr. Arooj Ul Hassan, Associate Professor and Deputy Medical Superintendent, UCMD and Dr. Wajeeha Alamgir, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Oral Pathology, UCMD, facilitated the seminar. Prof. Dr. Shahid Mahmud Malik, Pro-Rector of Health Sciences, University of Lahore (UOL), graced the session with his presence.

UCMD is the main institute of the department of medical education. He was the first to adopt the latter system of teaching, learning and assessment. Professor Dr. Mahwish Arooj, Principal and Director of Medical Education, UCMD heads the Department of Medical Education. Dr. Tayyaba Azhar and Prof. Dr. Mahwish have proposed a student-centered approach to teaching and learning with an integrated curriculum according to the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

After successfully implementing the system in the medical school, UCMD looks forward to implementing this system in the dental school.

Therefore, Dr. Mahwish and his team attended the “Establishing Dental Education Department” seminar. She explained the history of the medical education department, the integrated medical education system and its achievements. Faculty members asked her about the barriers she encountered and how the feedback protocols helped refine the system over time.

Ultimately, Dr. Shahid Mahmud Malik appreciated the efforts of the Department of Medical Education and the faculty at UCMD.

The teacher. Dr Rehan Qamar expressed his immense gratitude to Prof. Dr Shahid and presented a certificate of appreciation to the speaker.

Prof. Dr. Ch. Rehan Qamar presenting a certificate of appreciation to Prof. Dr. Mahwish Arooj


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