Travis Barker got a tattoo during a dentist appointment


As if going to the dentist wasn’t bad enough, Travis Barker had to raise the bar several levels, getting a full knee tattoo on his last trip to the dentist’s chair.

In one Instagram Video posted on Jan. 29, Barker documented the completely normal task of getting inked at the dentist. Although no one is working on her mouth during the six-second clip, you can clearly see dental instruments in the background as her tattoo artist gets in her ink.

“Multitasking at the dentist,” Barker captioned the clip, adding a tooth emoji and a blood emoji. Forget hybrid Taco Bell and Pizza Hut locations – hybrid tattoo studios and dentist offices deserve all the hype.

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Barker’s tattoo artist appeared to add thorns to his long-standing skull tattoo that covers the drummer’s left kneecap. It’s a particularly sensitive spot due to the protruding bone that probably caused the worst cleaning ever.

Surprisingly, Barker isn’t the first celebrity to get inked at the dentist. No, apparently it’s a trend. Back in 2020, Post Malone got a tattoo at the dentisttelling Jimmy Kimmel that he wanted to “kill two birds with one stone”.

The heavily tattooed rapper said he approached his tattoo artist with the unusual suggestion, thinking he’d be sitting around for hours anyway working on his smile.

“Why not eliminate two bad things at the same time? Post Malone told Kimmel.

Lesson: Next time you go to the dentist, just bring your personal tattoo artist. They’ll be totally cool with that, right?

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