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Whether you have an existing health insurance policy with no dental benefits, or no existing plan but want to take care of your dental needs, read this! Pacific Prime Singapore shares the benefits of Primecare, a new insurance plan specifically designed for expats in Singapore who want dental care, as well as personal accident insurance protection in the event of an accident.

Need dental insurance or personal accident coverage?

Whether you live and work in Singapore or plan to move there soon, it is important to cover your healthcare needs. Having a health insurance policy not only means that you are protected, but it also provides peace of mind for your family here and abroad.

However, it is likely that your existing insurance policy will not include dental insurance in Singapore, or even personal accident insurance cover. In fact, many policies do not; in particular employer-provided insurance plans or other group insurance plans.

For this reason, Pacific Prime Singapore has introduced PrimeCare, an exclusive plan designed for expats who need coverage in certain areas where their existing plans fall short.

PrimeCare benefits – dental insurance and more for expats in Singapore

PrimeCare is a hybrid type insurance policy that combines dental insurance and personal accident coverage to protect you in the event of an unexpected accident. It is therefore a particularly useful option for expatriates who have a health insurance plan without dental benefits, or expats who don’t have existing plans but want to take care of their dental health.

Here are five key features you can expect from PrimeCare:

#1 Dental Benefits

Need dental care or a good cleaning? PrimeCare provides policyholders with access to emergency dental benefits, minor restorative dental benefits such as fillings, and dental x-ray services, including panoramic x-rays. The plan also provides reimbursement for preventive dental care, including oral exams, teeth cleaning and fluoride application. These options are capped at S$1,500.

#2 Access to a wide range of dental clinics

In addition, the new insurance plan provides access to a wide range of dental clinics. In fact, under PrimeCare, policyholders can receive dental care at more than 150 clinics through Inova Care in Singapore.

#3 Stable dental renewal premiums

If you’re worried that claims will drive up your premiums year after year, don’t worry. With PrimeCare, policyholders can rest easy knowing that premiums will remain stable upon renewal each year. Plus, the policy is renewable to age 65 with the plan’s inclusive renewable policy.

#4 Worldwide Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

While we hope that never happens, it’s worth looking for accidental death or accidental disability and injury coverage no matter where you are in the world. With PrimeCare, you’ll enjoy worldwide accidental death and disability coverage, which provides up to S$300,000. In addition, accidental medical expenses are reimbursed and capped at S$3,000 per occurrence.

#5 Daily hospital income after a personal accident

If you are hospitalized due to an accident, PrimeCare will reimburse you a daily income of S$200 for up to 365 days. They will also reimburse you S$100 for all illnesses covered by the policy, up to 30 days.

Additional protection

If you’re looking for even more comprehensive protection during your stay here in Singapore, Pacific Prime also offers standalone critical illness and hospital income plans. Both are designed to complement your insurance protection in Singapore and give you complete peace of mind. Here is an overview of some of the different types:

Elite Serious Disease Guard (Improved)

This plan covers 37 different critical illnesses. There are three different levels (Deluxe, Supreme and Premier) of cash plans for:

  • flat-rate benefit in the event of diagnosis of a serious illness; and
  • payments for a second medical opinion.

By subscribing to this plan, you can access all of this and more at reasonable market rates. This plan can be secured with or without the purchase of the PrimeCare plan.

individual accident insurance for expatriates

Elite Hospital Income Guard

There are three plans to choose from (Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3), all of which provide financial security in the event of hospitalization due to illness or abroad. Expats can get a Hospital Income Plan with benefits that include:

  • daily hospital income;
  • daily intensive care unit (ICU) hospital income;
  • daily hospital income abroad; and
  • post-hospitalization income

Eligibility and Requirements

Note that only Singapore residents are eligible for PrimeCare, Elite Critical Illness Guard (Enhanced) and Elite Hospital Income Guard coverage. Residents of Singapore include Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents, or holders of a valid Work Permit, Employment Pass, Dependent Pass, a long-term visit pass, an S pass or a student pass issued by the Singapore authorities. Expats with a work permit or who are permanent residents of Singapore can apply for these plans.

To find out more about PrimeCare and its benefits, especially for expats in Singapore, contact an insurance expert at Pacific Prime Singapore.

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