Prominent academics call for excellence in dental education


Karachi: Dental fraternity stands in unison against weak MDCAT admission criteria for dental students. In its attempt to maintain the standard quality of education, the industry has expressed concerns in five critical areas.

First, leading academics in the dental industry have called for the admission criteria of MDCAT for the BDS to be equal to those of the MBBS. Dentists argue that maintaining current admission criteria for BDS provides representation of dentists as a “second-tier health care profession”

Secondly, the academicians called for the 4-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program to be upgraded to a 5-year Doctor of Dental Surgery program. This will help to evolve the quality of dental education by adding 7 different sub-specialties of dentistry into the five-year course, thereby matching international standards of dental education.

Finally, the dental fraternity calls for a separate dental council, catering only to dental students, an entity made up of dental academics. Such a regulatory body should have a status equivalent to that of the existing PMDC/PMC. The main purpose of a council would be to discuss matters relating to academics, policies and dental licensing.

Academicians urged the Federal Minister and current PMDC/PMC President to reconsider established admissions protocols and provide the field of dentistry and future dental practitioners with the space and ample opportunities to voice their concerns. concerns and grow, for the betterment of the fellowship, not only locally but also internationally.


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