Prisoner Harvey Weinstein requests off-site dentist appointment for rotten teeth


Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein has an “emergency” dental situation which he says will require him to temporarily leave Los Angeles jail where he is awaiting trial on other sex crime charges.

Lawyers for the former film producer, 70, said medical staff at the Twin Towers correctional facility offered him two choices during recent visits: pull his teeth out without replacement or let them rot, according the New York Post.

Weinstein told the judge it was an “emergency” and that he would “pay for the dentist…it will be one trip and one trip only” during his preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

“I suffer every day. I have cavities and I can’t eat because I’m missing teeth,” Weinstein said, the Post reported.

The judge told Weinstein’s attorney to submit a request for review. Weinstein’s trial is scheduled for October 10.

Weinstein is already serving 23 years after a New York jury found him guilty of sex crimes in 2020.

He faces trial on 11 counts of sexual assault in Los Angeles after pleading not guilty in 2021, according Business Insider.


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