Pearline Health brings salon experience to dental care


Oral hygiene is essential to stay healthy, but in 2021, 76.5 million Americans did not have dental insurance. COVID-19 has only exacerbated these concerns.

With affordable prices, hassle-free visits, and technology-enabled teeth cleaning and whitening services that launched earlier this year, West Hollywood-based Pearline Health, a salon-style dental studio, is breaking down barriers traditional dental cleanings.

Pearline was founded in 2022 by Dr. Jamie Sands – a dentist based in Los Angeles for over 20 years – and Carolyn Yashari Becher, an Iranian-American entrepreneur who co-founded HopSkipDrive. They saw the lack of access to dental care and teamed up after their high school years in Beverly Hills to provide affordable and effective teeth cleaning services.

“Jamie saw an opportunity to increase access,” Yashari Becher told dot.LA. “Then when I came on board, we both used the technology as a way to increase the efficiency of an outdated system.”

Patients typically complete paperwork before each visit to a traditional dentist. At Pearline, clients can book the appointment on their phone and then complete the necessary paperwork before their visit, eliminating the long wait time and allowing for a hassle-free experience.

Pearline can have up to 90 sessions per day at full capacity and only sees patients 18 years and older. Whether a client chooses a cleaning or a whitening treatment, it will still only cost them $99 per session and the appointment only takes 30 minutes of their day.

Left to right: Co-founders Carolyn Yashari Becher and Dr. Jamie Sands. Courtesy of Pearline Health

Yashari Becher said one of the reasons they can keep their costs so low is that there is no full-time dentist in the studio. Yashari Becher confirmed that this is what typically drives up costs in a traditional setting.

Dr Sands said most people come to Pearline for the cleaning. Pearline’s proprietary software then gets the guest in and out in less than an hour. Patients who come into the studio for a whitening session have a ‘before’ photo of their teeth taken, then after the session an ‘after’ photo is taken and uploaded to Pearline’s system. For cleanings, five photos are taken. From there, Dr. Sands performs the teledentistry exam.

If there are any concerns, the patient will receive an email offering a follow-up for a free in-person consultation.

“By allowing our cleaning specialists, who are all licensed dental hygienists, to work independently under the supervision of Dr. Sands,” said Yashari Becher, “we are able to reduce our costs for our clients.”

Besides the high costs in the industry, another issue that keeps people away from accessing dental care is the fear and anxiety of going to the dentist. But studies show that there is a direct correlation between dental hygiene and overall health, including stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. Dr. Sands said that 50% of the population chooses not to have their teeth cleaned and, according to the Journal for Dental Hygiene (JDH), 50-80% of people in the United States have some level of dental anxiety.

Pearline is different from a typical dental practice with bulky, noisy equipment, scrubs and harsh lights. Upon entering the studio, clients are greeted by natural light and inviting phrases are found throughout its refreshing interior, including the caption “I’m on plate patrol,” which is written on the back of each hygienist’s coveralls. dental.

A Pearline patient receiving dental services. A Pearline patient receiving dental services. Courtesy of Pearline Health

In addition to its seamless booking platform, clients have access to past visits, health history, check-in, and receive post-appointment recommendations via smartphone.

Customers who choose the 30-minute whitening service are sent home with a kit that includes a pen and a whitening tray. In order to achieve optimum color, the individual can apply the whitening pen for up to six weeks. The team said the majority of their guests, however, would prefer to come back to the studio and have the dental hygienist perform the whitening procedure.

While Dr. Sands and Yashari Becher launched the company, Pearline is currently hosting a pre-seed round with investors including former Credo Beauty CEO Dawn Dobras, Runyon Group’s Joseph Miller and other top dentists. city ​​map. Drybar co-founder Cameron Webb is also an adviser to the company.

Currently, the only location available is in West Hollywood, but the team plans to open five new locations in the Los Angeles area by the end of 2025.

Pearline Health always wants its guests to see general dentists for annual checkups and x-rays. But the co-founders said Pearline was created to prevent bigger problems from happening and improve the overall health of the community.

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