NJ residents in unemployment limbo can now get an appointment


Since the pandemic, some unemployed New Jersey residents have been calling for the ability to speak in person to a Department of Labor representative about unresolved issues that have been dragging on for months or years.

Finally, the state Department of Labor has begun allowing anyone who wants an in-person appointment to get one.

Labor Commissioner Rob Asaro-Angelo said the department began contacting claimants in March who had been waiting a long time for their cases to be resolved. But now the system has been opened up to anyone who has filed an unemployment insurance claim which is still pending.

How to get an appointment at the unemployment office

He said if you want to schedule an in-person appointment at a one-stop career center, go online to your application status page, which is at myunemployment.nj.gov, click check l application status and click the button to schedule an appointment online.

Asaro-Angelo said scheduling an appointment shouldn’t be a big deal.

“I believe there are appointments available there anytime. It may not be tomorrow or the day after, but there are definitely appointments available across the state,” he said.

He said initial jobless claims in New Jersey are going back to where they were before the pandemic started, “so it’s clearly a better time for workers in general, and it’s certainly reduced the load and the burden on our staff to be able to reach out to applicants”.

You won’t wait long

Asaro-Angelo said the average time for a claimant “with a regular and clean claim” to get paid is 2-3 weeks, but he acknowledged that some people may scoff at that statement because they may have issues. individuals who are complicated.

He said that overall things are going much better than they had been.

“Because now we have the ability for them to come in and have an appointment in person, obviously things are improving, we have more time for agents to proactively reach out to applicants.”

Filling out an application has been simplified

He also pointed out that the Department of Labor has a new unemployment claim “to make it easier to understand some of the government jargon on the claim.”

He pointed out that work is continuing to improve the online complaints status page, so people can see a table that explains where their complaint is, what the next steps are and what the blockage may be.

“Because a lot of the angst and anxiety about unemployment benefits is what’s going on with my application, I don’t have to tell you that David, I know you hear it all the time of your callers.”

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