Nishtar Institute of Dentistry organizes a continuing dental education program


MULTAN: A one-day continuing dental education program was recently held at the Nishtar Institute of Dentistry (NID) in conjunction with Dentsply Pakistan and Mr Dental.

The event came about through the efforts of Prof. Dr. Amjad Bari, Director, NID, Prof. Naghma Parveen, Deputy Director, NID and Mr. Qaiser Naveed, Dentsply Pakistan Representative and Mr. Dental.

Prof. Dr. Adil Shahnawaz, Deputy Head of Abbottabad Medical & Dental College and Prof. Dr. Salman Ashraf Khan, Visiting Consultant at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, were invited to present lectures and lead practical sessions. Dr. Talha Ashar, Dr. Javed Iqbal and Dr. Tasveeb Momin coordinated the entire event.

Professor Adil Shahnawaz gave a comprehensive lecture on Rotary Endodontics and a hands-on session of Advanced Endodontics using the Dentsply TruNatomy Rotary File System.

Prof. Dr. Salman Ashraf moderated the lecture on the Composite Anterior Layering Technique and the hands-on session encompassing the application of the Anterior Layering Technique with the Neospectra Nanoceramic composite material.

Lectures and hands-on labs were attended by faculty, postgraduate residents, interns, demonstrators, and final-year students at the institution.


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