Nance Receives Appointment to US Naval Academy | New


Abigail Nance has received and accepted an offer of appointment to the United States Naval Academy with the highest recommendations and appointments from the offices of: Senator Tom Cotton, Senator John Boozman, and Congressman Bruce Westerman. The value of his education and service at the US Naval Academy is invaluable with tuition, fees, health and dental care, room and board, and stipends. Nance plans to pursue a career in aerospace engineering.

Abigail’s academic record and background, you will find that she excelled in STEM courses to solidify her plan to pursue an engineering career in the future. His efforts extend beyond his own high school activities by volunteering and taking on various roles for the science and math departments at Arkansas Rich Mountain University to assist with peer tutoring and organizing student life organization activities and events. His involvement and commitment to school and community projects, events and activities testify to his character and work ethic.

On May 5, Nance graduated with honors from Arkansas Rich Mountain University with an Associate of Arts degree and was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors organization as a student. She graduated from Acorn High School and received her diploma on Thursday, May 19, 2022, graduating with honors in the first rank of her class and a member of the Acorn High School Chapter of National

Honor Society, as well as numerous scholarship offers from colleges and universities nationwide.

Congratulations, Aspirant Nance! We are proud of you!


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