‘My date feels like going back to basics’: new director of North Shore – archyde

Ryan O’Hara. His appointment as principal of North Shore Middle School, effective July 5, has been approved by the North Shore Schools Board of Education. (Photo courtesy of North Shore Schools)

Ryan O’Hara returns to North Shore Middle School as its new principal after spending a decade teaching in the district before moving to the Oyster Bay system.

In his early assignments for North Shore schools, O’Hara taught middle and high school English. Later, he joined the administration of North Shore as responsible for teaching humanities at the college.

He said he “cut his teeth” as an educator at North Shore. He added that the district’s commitment to comprehensive, student-centered education has helped distill its core values.

“My date feels like a homecoming,” O’Hara said. “I look forward to joining my colleagues and embarking on the important work of helping our children discover their dreams.

After North Shore, O’Hara joined Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District, where he supervised English, reading and library media for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Most recently, he worked as an assistant administrator at Oyster Bay Secondary School, which serves students in grades 7-12.

O’Hara said he was most proud of his community connections during his time at Oyster Bay.

“I was able to support students and teachers because I trusted them and earned their trust,” he said. “And I couldn’t be more humbled by all they’ve done to overcome challenges, support each other and grow, even during a pandemic.”

Superintendent Christopher Zublionis said O’Hara is an inspirational leader. He said he would infuse North Shore Middle School with energy, wisdom and experience.

“He spent many years in the district as a teacher and administrator and he understands and appreciates our community and its values,” he said. “We are thrilled to welcome Ryan home!”

O’Hara said he wants students to look forward to school. Additionally, he wants to foster an atmosphere where students feel valued and cherished.

“We come to exist in this incredible universe and schools at their best help us grasp the wonder of our existence and fuel our desire to find our place among the infinites,” he said. “I want students to go home every day excited to share something they’ve learned about the world and about themselves.”

On August 30 at 6 p.m., O’Hara will meet at North Shore Middle School.


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