Motion to increase health and dental coverage for Webb Co. employees fails


An increase in health and dental insurance for county employees by the Webb County health care provider was proposed this week. However, the motion failed.

An increase should be proposed again next year in July due to an insufficient surplus at the moment. The rates will remain the same for seven months in the future.

In an article submitted by Samantha Sanchez, the rates for AETNA health insurance and AETNA dental insurance for Webb County employees to be effective January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 would have had an increase of up to $13.37 with a co-pay for medical visits with the primary care physician remains at $10 and the specialists co-pay remains at $20, as required by the court.

Risk Management Director Dr Pedro Alfaro told the meeting that rates are still being sought to stay the same or be lower, but many counties across the border have already experienced the increase.

“We’ve always been very concerned about the cost and county contributions,” he said. “This year, through our careful management and handling, we will see an increase.”

The purpose of the motion presented was to provide a balanced health care plan for Webb County employees and their dependents to have access to affordable health care.

Also, if the rates were to increase, more benefits would be implemented for dental care such as services like braces, crowns, and more treatments.

As enrollment in the employee insurance scheme increased from 856 members in 2018 to 2,317 in May, the idea was to increase coverage benefits and provide the scheme to spouses and family to increase enrollment. . However, the plan employee, spouse and children would have had a cost of $211.88 for health care and $22.41 for dental insurance per pay period, or $13.37 and 2 $.75 more than before, respectively.

One factor in the proposed increase was to have more opening hours at the clinic, as it was only open for four hours over three days a week. Rather, it was considered open full-time.


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