Mom’s pretend dentist appointment with her toddler turns into a real date in hilarious TikTok


This relative on ICT Tac shared a video where a fake dentist appointment for his young daughter almost turned into a real one after the tiny hit her in the mouth with a toy hammer.

TikToker Sierra Layhew (@littlemamalayhew) is a parent and vlogger who posts clips of fun times with her husband and children. Recently, Layhew shared a video where a suitor dentist date courtesy of his young daughter has gotten a little too real, and viewers are cracking up in the comments about the relatable incident.

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The clipcheekily captioned, “Never come to this dentist again,” opens with a photo of Layhew sitting in a playroom about to receive dental work from him. tiny.

Hold a brightly colored plastic toy reflex hammer, the little girl eagerly enters the frame.

“You lost your tooth”, the tiny determines, quickly examining the inside of Layhew’s mouth. Before Layhew can reply, “No, I didn’t,” his daughter gives him two the teeth a hard blow with the toy hammer.

Stunned by the sudden blow, Layhew tilts her head back and covers her mouth with her hand.

The video ends with Layhew taking deep breaths to deal with the pain as his daughter continues to pound her with the toy hammer.

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Layhew’s video has viewers cracking up over the universal inability of young children to recognize their physical strength.

“Omg, my goddaughter pushed a toy a screwdriver in my nose [so hard] I cried. What do they have with these children? a godfather commented.

“Well, she does what dentist would. Cause pain, then blame you for not dental floss correctly,” one user joked.

“[She] did not specify if you lost your tooth before or after the visit,” one TikToker noted.

Hopefully after Layhew’s dental appointment with her toddler, she went to another dentist office for a second opinion.

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