Kemp appoints Georgia Board of Regents after resigning


“Throughout his life, Regent Don Waters championed the idea that knowledge and education empower students, wherever they live in Georgia, to pursue their dreams and build a better life for themselves. , their families, their community and their state,” Perdue said in a written statement.

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For more than two decades, Waters led Brasseler USA, Inc., which manufactures dental and medical instruments. He is also trained as an accountant and a lawyer.

He is a graduate of Armstrong State College, where his family founded a health professions college at what is now part of Georgia Southern University, and the University of Georgia School of Law.

His successor, Jones, along with his family and business, donated about $54,000 to Kemp’s gubernatorial campaigns in 2018 and 2022, according to campaign finance records.

This election year, he gave the maximum legal amount to Kemp. Jones, his family and businesses have donated approximately $270,000 to state Republican candidates and causes in Georgia over the past decade.

Jones graduated from the University of Georgia in 1987, chairs the board of PrimeSouth Bank, and is president of Jones Co. and Walker Jones Automotive Group. He lives in Blackshear, Georgia.

Kemp said Jones brings “a wealth of experience as a leader in the private sector,” adding “he will help ensure that our post-secondary campuses continue to produce the best talent for this state of opportunity.”

Journalist James Salzer contributed to this article.


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