Is this the filling to fix the toothache of dental insurance in America?


Health care costs remain a crisis for ordinary Americans. Most health insurance is still employer-provided – it accounts for more than half of all coverage – but many households are feeling the pressure of rising premiums, with more than 23 million people shelling out large premiums compared to their income, whether on increased deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses.

Struggling with these exorbitant industrial costs, more than 27 million Americans are still uninsured. This number has hardly changed since 2016, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and represents the crisis in the supply of care in the health sector.

Currently, a staggering third of working-age American adults – more than 70 million people – do not use dental care, with most saying they simply cannot afford it. Seeking to make dental care more accessible is DentalPlans.coma dental savings plan marketplace that has enabled the industry to provide affordable dental solutions to over one million users since 1999.

Better deals than the tooth fairy?

Of the one-third of Americans who currently don’t have dental coverage, nearly 60% say it’s because of the exorbitant costs, while more than 20% say dental care is an expense not covered by their employer. according to data compiled by seeks to change that by matching people with dental savings plans that allow them to get the treatment they need at an affordable price.

As an online marketplace for affordable dental savings plans, is a one-stop shop connecting patients to over 30 plans and over 140,000 participating dentists.

Dental savings plans are not insurance, but are similar to a club membership, where an annual subscription gives members access to discounted rates. The plans offer several advantages. They cost on average between $79.95 and $199.95 and allow customers to access a wide range of services in the majority of dental practices. Customer surveys have indicated an average of 50% savings when switching to a dental savings plan through, although savings may vary by provider, location and type of plan. membership.

Dental savings plans are a simple option, offering reduced flat rates ranging from 10% to 60%, with no health restrictions or monthly payments. They also give the user the ability to visit the dentist as often as needed with no exclusions or limitations, and the plans often include savings for cosmetic and orthodontic procedures, specialties that may not be covered by insurance. employer’s dental office. Dental Savings Plans also offer quick activation to obtain patient plans with no health restrictions or annual limits on available savings. prides itself on being a leader in the dental savings plan industry. Its collection of over 30 plans makes it the largest marketplace, with plans offered through its platform being accepted by 7 out of 10 practicing dentists nationwide. It offers simple registrations and flexibility when it comes to changing plans, recognizing that dental needs can change quickly following a broken tooth or the sudden need for a root canal.’s array of choice and convenience offers a way forward for those looking for quality dental care but are unsure of their options.

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Customer surveys indicate average savings of 50%. Savings may vary by provider, location and membership type.

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