‘I thought I was in good hands’: Routine dentist appointment left wood chipper ‘in agony and hospitalized for 17 days’


A man who claims he was hospitalized for more than two weeks following a visit to a Stockport dentist has been awarded a five-figure sum in an out-of-court settlement. Christopher Weate was treated at Park House Dental Surgery at Brinnington Health Center between 2012 and 2015.

The 49-year-old wood chipper believed he was ‘in good hands’ during surgery but was left in agony – claiming he had pus-oozing mouth sores. He endured a “nightmarish few months”, culminating, he says, in a 17-day hospital stay.

“It was 2016 when my dental issues got really bad,” Mr Weate said. “I returned to the practice in pain and was told I would need a root canal or one of my teeth extracted. The tooth wasn’t extracted for a while and I started feeling swelling, pus and inflammation, so I was prescribed antibiotics.

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“I finally had the tooth extracted and was given antibiotics again. I was in such agony that I thought removing it would be the end of my sleepless nights!

However, Christopher says the discomfort and pain only continued. “I then experienced abnormal tingling sensations and one of my teeth became mobile,” he explains.

“I was so scared, especially when I was later referred to hospital with more swelling and inflammation. It was in the hospital when I had a CT scan, which was really traumatic and made me feel really claustrophobic and freaked out.

“I spent 17 nights in the hospital where they kept me under observation. It was horrible! I couldn’t figure out how it got so bad – the whole time I was in there, I just wanted to go home.

After contacting attorneys, attorneys’ analysis of Christopher’s records showed that his dentist “failed to exercise reasonable skill and care in managing the restoration of a number of Mr. Weate,” the Dental Law Partnership said. This led to a tooth infection, the company added, resulting in the loss of three teeth and will suffer the loss of three more teeth in the future, the law firm claimed.

Christopher says the ordeal has left him “distraught”. He said: “I felt distraught and self-conscious about my appearance, and endured countless emotional breakdowns that I had never experienced before.

An x-ray showing osteomyelitis in the lower right side of the jaw affecting the LR premolar, canine and adjacent teeth at Christopher Weate

“I feel like a completely different person than I was before this all started – it’s like I don’t even recognize the person in the mirror. I just want this all to be over and be me again- same.

When contacted for comment, Dr Bilal Sheikh said he disagreed with “the facts as conveyed by the Dental Law Partnership” and was “proud to provide the standards of highest treatment and care to all my patients”.

He said in a statement: ‘I would like to make it clear that I disagree with the facts as conveyed by the Dental Law Partnership, but I cannot provide details of the treatment and management of this patient because of my professional duty to protect confidentiality. of my patients.

“This claim has been resolved by way of out-of-court settlement, without any admission of liability on my part. I pride myself on providing the highest standards of treatment and care to all of my patients, and I have never do my best for this patient.


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