I found it impossible to get a dentist appointment


A frustrated man has told how he was forced to pull out pieces of his tooth with pliers after struggling to find a dentist.

Carlton Hill, 28, from Gorseinon, Swansea, described how he had the painful procedure after spending months trying to access dental care.


Carlton Hill had to use pliers to pull out pieces of his toothCredit: Media Wales
The 28-year-old says it was "impossible" find a dentist


The 28-year-old says it was ‘impossible’ to find a dentistCredit: Media Wales

It all started at the start of the pandemic when the 28-year-old had to find a dentist to fix his chipped molar.

He said Wales online“I had to pull bits of my teeth out of my gums with pliers, but the nerves died after that so the pain wasn’t too bad.

“When I called the NHS direct again asking for urgent help I was told the pain was not bad enough to be referred to an emergency dentist as all they could do to me was to ease the pain rather than extract the roots.”

After previously contacting the NHS directly for emergency help, where a dentist drilled out the tooth and filled it with an antibiotic, Carlton was advised to seek out a dentist for a permanent solution.

But he explained that despite his efforts he was unable to find an available dentist as most of them would not be accepting new patients after Covid hit.

Seeing no other solution, Carlton decided to use pliers to solve the problem himself.

He added: “Since then I have had several abscesses in that area which I have learned to drain myself.

“Last week, on the other side of my mouth, another molar cracked, this time leaving a jagged edge cutting my tongue.

“I called the NHS direct asking for urgent help only to be told again that all the dentist will do is relieve the pain not solve the problem and that I must seek a dentist despite the fact that I am driven back everywhere.

“I used a cordless dremel to shave the pointy end of my tooth to avoid opening my tongue.”

Carlton, who works as a project coordinator, said he “sees no end” to his time without professional dental care.

He added: “I’m so scared now how much it will cost me to have it fixed when it could have been avoided in the first place.

“I’m a full-time professional in my field, and my speech and mouth health is detrimental to my life, but I can’t get help anywhere to keep it from being destroyed.”

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