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Should one take care of one’s spouse’s friends?

A marriage can take a hit when a man puts his friends on his spouse. The partner may feel less valued, depressed and unfair.

This is especially true when the partner cannot accept friends from loved ones. They might think these friends are bad influences, uninteresting or taking their man’s time. And things get worse when friends intervene in the relationship, and several marriages fell apart as a result.

A recent post online highlighted this issue on Reddit and went viral with 27.8K and 805 comments.

The post is about a husband who tried to reschedule his wife’s dentist appointment so she could look after his friend who was staying with them.

Are you responsible for your spouse’s friend?

The author begins the message by saying that her husband’s friend stayed with them for several weeks after having an accident and injuring his knee. Her husband volunteered to take care of him as the friend lived alone.

Although the author initially welcomed him into the home, she found herself cleaning up after him, giving him medicine, and cooking for him. On top of that, he complained to her husband if she was slow in doing something.

When confronted, her husband said she was home all day and should help take care of the friend. However, the author felt overwhelmed as she could not leave the house if her husband was not there.

The situation worsened when the author had to consult a dentist to treat a terrible toothache. She informed her husband that she had an appointment the day before, but he freaked out, saying he wouldn’t be off on such short notice. He suggested she postpone the appointment even after showing how bad her swelling was.

Should you go against the will of your spouse?

Relationships can be difficult due to differences of opinion and action. The best way to solve such problems is simply to find common ground, and the worst is to force one’s point of view on the other, as the author’s husband.

As for the author, she went to the dentist with her mother while the friend was screaming and threatening to call her husband. Her husband now says she was stubborn for going against his will. He also asked her not to hide behind her mother for her mistakes and face the consequences.

What do you think? Should the author have waited for her husband to return to go to the dentist?


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