Holistic Dental Care launches a reminder on their ongoing health protocols


Holistic Dental Care is a leading dental practice specializing in holistic dental care. In a recent update, the office reminded patients of its ongoing health protocols.

Millburn, NJ – December 30, 2021 – In an article posted to the website, Holistic Dental Care posted a reminder on the health protocols of the practice of its Holistic Dentist Millburn.

Social distancing has become an important part of the facility’s improved protocol. They have removed the chairs from the waiting room and patients can now comfortably relax in their cars while appointment needs are taken care of. They will be notified when the room is ready to close contact with the Millburn dentist alone.

The practice also takes temperature and oxygen readings on all patients and staff every day, every time. This ensures that they can be proactive in preventing the spread.

The bathrooms were fitted with a pedal-operated flushing mechanism, touchless soap and disinfectant dispensers and a touchless faucet. The door handle and light switch will have barrier tape changed after each use to prevent cross contamination between occupants.

Anyone visiting the dentist’s office, Millburn, will need to disinfect their hands and put on gloves and shoe covers. All of these steps are aimed at ensuring everyone’s safety.

A hospital grade UV light sterilization unit was installed in the HVAC system. Thanks to this, patients not only breathe clean and fresh air thanks to the super filtration system, but they now breathe sterilized air which is not recycled.

About holistic dental care

Holistic dental care is a practice of holistic dental care. Their services focus on keeping patients’ bodies healthy through natural, minimally invasive and gentle treatments to improve their quality of life. Not only that, but it also ensures that the patient experience is harmless and easy. The holistic approach to teeth cleaning addresses oral health and the health of the whole body.

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