Hair tips to get the most out of your salon appointment


Many of us end up going to the hairdresser with a slightly frazzled second day. Hair. After all, we’re here to wash our hair, heal our split ends, and renew our color, so why show up with perfectly groomed hair?

According to Thomas Smithhairdresser and Evo hair international director of creative colors, there are some things we should all be doing to maximize our hair appointments, no matter what treatment you want to do. Not only will you walk away with better results, but you’ll also extend the time between your appointments, helping your salon look last longer.

The perfect prep should start two weeks before your appointment time and only applies if you regularly use a toning product like purple shampoo. “Two weeks before your appointment, stop toning your hair at home,” says Tom. “Purple shampoo or homemade color-enhancing toners are fantastic for keeping your color salon fresh, but let them wash out a bit before you see your stylist so they can have a clear view of where to go. find your hair without them.” If your hair contains toner, your colorist won’t be able to know exactly how much dye to mix in to get the color you want.

The next tip applies to anyone looking to get their hair cut or colored on their next date. “One week before, do Olaplex No.3 Treatmentrecommends Tom. “It’s a great way to improve the quality of your hair before your appointment. The healthier the hair, the more options we’ll have with your color plan, and the less we’ll have to cut (if your goal is to grow out your hair).

Another consideration for the week before your appointment is to consider a hair detox. “If you live in a hard water area, swim frequently, or feel your hair is prone to buildup from product or pollution, using a deep cleansing shampoo or mineral remover such as Color Wow Dream Filter will ensure your hair is clean and ready to receive all chemical services safely and effectively,” he says.

The final tip is one we can all benefit from and should be done the day before your appointment. “It’s a myth that your hair has to be dirty for your date,” Tom says. “Most hairdressers prefer to work on relatively clean hair – with the exception of scalp bleaching services, where a little buildup of natural oils will actually help protect your scalp from irritation.” You wouldn’t go to the dentist without brushing your teeth, would you?

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