Getting a dentist appointment is a ‘struggle’, say Mail readers


GETTING a dentist appointment is a “struggle,” readers say.

We asked our readers if they had trouble getting an appointment with their dentist, and here’s what they had to say.

Heather MacDonald said: “My dentist is in Scotland but has lived in the Barrow area for 3.5 years and can’t find a dentist taking NHS patients.” Rachel Roberts said: “I have a 4 and 5 year old and I can’t get him into an NHS dentist so he’s never been. I live in Dalton in Furness but have looked as far as Kendal ulverston and Millom and still no luck!”

Jean Pritchard Fagan said: “My dentist canceled my appointment 2 years ago due to covid and has never been in touch since.” Sally Longlegs said: “I’ve been back in the area for three years and I’m still on the waiting list! The closest they could get me was Carlisle!”

Rudes Pickering said: “I can’t even find a dentist!!” Kirsty Holt said: ‘Five months of waiting for a check-up and even struggling to find a place for my 2-year-old.

Seamus Doran said: “It’s hard to get a date with anyone these days!”

However, it wasn’t all bad, with some saying their dentists were great.

Mary Storer said, “No. Mine are brilliant.” Stan Fleet said: “Ours in Dalton, brilliant, rang at 9 a.m. for an appointment. At 11 a.m. and a tooth pulled.”

Julie Clarke said: “None of mine have been very good apart from the first lockdown, everything has been almost normal.” Linda Bailey said: “We’re back to 6 month checkups.” Julie Clarke said: “Mine was brilliant. The first lockdown it was closed but after that everything was back to normal. I had regular hygiene appointments and 6 monthly checkups.” Caz Adams said: “No, I phoned yesterday and got an appointment for today. That’s good considering I haven’t been in two years.”


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