Free dental exams for people without dental insurance


Houlton, Maine (WAGM) – There are brighter smiles in Houlton after free basic dental care and screenings were available to some without dental insurance. NewsSource 8 reporter Adriana Sanchez explains why this was so important for those community members able to take advantage of the offer.

Everyone works hard in this free dental clinic. Aid for Kids, Caring Hands of Maine, and UConn Dental School have come together to provide free basic dental care and screenings to anyone without dental insurance.

“We are now getting to reach people who would normally not have dental care, so we can serve an underserved population and it is really important to reach these populations because they do not have their full dental care,” said Madison Cohen, a senior from UCONN. School of Dentistry.

“We give them the opportunity for patients who have not seen a dentist for a long time to make a fresh start and maybe introduce them to the dental community and can provide care to them,” said Courtney Regon, an old person. from the UCONN School of Dentistry.

While patients were able to get free screenings, care and even extractions, Dr Timothy Oh, director of Caring Hands of Maine, said there was still more to remember.

“But the real main benefit is education and awareness of the importance of having good oral health and taking care of your teeth and meeting your health needs,” said Dr Oh .

Dr. Oh adds that this is their fifth year in this program. He says some of the patients have attended previous clinics.

“Although we are not set up to be their dental provider in Maine, but over the years we have seen people come back as there are challenges for some people in terms of getting the right care and getting it right. “Getting appointments, especially with the pandemic, put a lot of our travel programs on hold, we couldn’t come to Aroostook County,” Dr Oh said.

The program will be offered again in June 2022. Adriana Sanchez NewsSource 8.

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