Freddie Mercury’s first dentist appointment in 15 years forced Queen to turn down a gig his musical nemesis was to play


Classic rock legend Freddie Mercury had little patience for dental visits and musical rival Sid Vicious. But one day in 1976, when the Queen singer finally decides to see a dentist after 15 years, he inadvertently performs a concert with the Sex Pistols.

Queen’s Freddie Mercury on September 19, 1980 in Chicago | Paul Natkin/WireImage

The late Freddie Mercury is famous for his beautiful tone and wide voice. And as Queen’s lead singer, he delivered dozens of musical masterpieces, including “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Somebody to Love,” and “We Are the Champions.”

According to filmmaker Rudi Dolezal – who has worked with the singer-songwriter to produce and direct a few Queen music videos and documentaries – Mercury credited his vocal fluency to his four extra teeth. And despite being keenly aware of their appearance, the Queen frontman refused to have his teeth removed for fear it would hamper his singing abilities.

“We all know that Freddie Mercury had very weird teeth. And we were all like, ‘A guy who was that rich, why didn’t he change his teeth?'” Dolezal said. NPR in 2010.

“He was very afraid that if he changed his teeth, his particular sound of [his voice] would go away. So he was more concerned with his voice than his looks, and I think that says a lot about the man.

How did Freddie Mercury unwittingly perform a Queen concert for the Sex Pistols?

Freddie Mercury had a long-running feud with Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious. The two traded blows in and out of the studio. And they did not hesitate to call each other during interviews.

In December 1976, Queen was to appear on The Today Show with Bill Grundy. But Mercury, who hadn’t seen a dentist in nearly 15 years, developed a toothache that needed immediate attention, QG reports.

Queen canceled the appearance so Mercury could see a dentist. And the Sex Pistols took the gig.

Mercury’s toothache and last minute change proved to be a turning point in the music. The Sex Pistols’ historic swearing appearance on The Today’s Show with Bill Grundy eventually propelled punk rock into the mainstream.

Study Suggests Freddie Mercury’s Teeth Didn’t Improve His Singing

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Freddie Mercury avoided having his teeth removed because he thought it would interfere with his vocal skills. But there is no evidence that his extra teeth contributed to his singing abilities.

Mercury’s unique range was the result of his throat singing technique, according to a 2017 study. Researchers found the singer didn’t have a four-octave singing voice — a rumor that swirled around for years.

According to the study published on Taylor & Francis online, Mercury was probably a natural baritone who could easily sing tenor due to his extraordinary control of his chest and lead voices. The scientists concluded that the singer also produced a subharmonic frequency while singing in his unique growl tone.

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