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By: Robert S Weinroth

Florida KidCare is the state’s low-cost, high-quality health and dental insurance program for children from birth through the age of 18.

Designed with kids in mind, Florida KidCare ensures kids grow up healthy every year with a solid list of benefits. Most families pay $ 15 or $ 20 for all children in the household, while others pay nothing at all.

Have a question about Florida KidCare? Call Florida KidCare Call Center: 888.540.KIDS (5437) Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. or visit their website at FloridaKidCare.org or send your questions by e-mail to [email protected]. Florida KidCare Outreach Phone: 850-701-6160

Florida Children’s Blanket

Children in Florida from birth through the age of 18 are eligible for coverage. Registration is free and with year round registration the time to apply is always now. Start your family’s application by clicking on the pink button “Apply now”. Then Florida KidCare takes care of the rest. Based on the child’s age, household size, and family income, we automatically assign each child what is best for them from the four Florida KidCare programs: Medicaid, MediKids, Florida Healthy Kids, or the plan. health care services for children (CMS). It is so easy!

Free or low cost

Florida KidCare includes free, subsidized, and paid options based on family income and household size. Most families pay nothing at all, and many pay as little as $ 15 or $ 20 a month for all the children in the household. Families who do not qualify for free or subsidized coverage can purchase a competitively priced full payment plan.

Quality advantages

Florida KidCare is specially designed for children. That’s why our coverage gives your child access to the services they need at every stage of their growth and development. Health and dental services are provided through quality plans that offer a choice of local doctors, dentists, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers.

Florida KidCare benefits include, but are not limited to:

Benefits include doctor visitsVisits to the doctorBenefits include surgeriesSurgeriesBenefits include check-upsControlsBenefits include vaccinationsVaccinations

Benefits include vision and hearingVision and hearingBenefits include prescriptionsArrangementBenefits include dental treatmentDental care

Benefits include emergenciesEmergency roomBenefits include hospital staysHospital staysBenefits include mental healthMental Health

KidCare Programs in Florida

Florida KidCare is the umbrella brand for four government-sponsored health insurance programs – Medicaid, MediKids, Florida Healthy Kids, and the Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Health Plan – which together provide a seamless continuum of coverage for children. Florida children from birth to completion. 18 years old.

Florida KidCare Partners

Four partners make up the Florida KidCare program.

Florida Healthy Kids Corporation | FHKC

Administers the Florida Healthy Kids program for children ages 5-18. The company also determines eligibility for non-Medicaid parts of the program, collects monthly premiums, and operates the customer service call center.

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration | OH THAT

Administers Medicaid services and the MediKids program for children ages 1-4. The agency also works with the federal government to ensure that the Florida KidCare program complies with all federal laws and rules.

Florida Department of Children and Families | DCF

Determines Medicaid eligibility and administers the Behavioral Health Network for children ages 5-18 with severe emotional disorders.

Florida Department of Health, Children’s Medical Services | DOH

Administers the Children’s Medical Services (CMS) health plan for children with special health care needs from birth through the end of age 18 with a family income of up to 200% of federal poverty line.


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