Dreading a post-pandemic dental appointment? According to MystOralCare.com, the new MYST ™ automatic toothbrush helps reduce the likelihood of dismal dental exams


HOLLYWOOD, California, June 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Imagine getting rave reviews from the dentist, dental assistant, and dental hygienist for superior toothbrushing. Does that sound far-fetched? For millions of Americans dreading that first post-pandemic trip to the dentist, an innovative new toothbrush called MYST is designed to end the drudgery of tedious brushing and lead to better overall dental checkups.

Using the latest expansion radius technology – which creates tens of thousands of sonic vibrating bubbles that help break down and remove plaque – MYST is a whole new type of automated toothbrush. Perhaps most accurately described as a super comfortable antibacterial silicone mouthpiece, the MYST The automatic toothbrush provides dental-grade brushing (and whitening) of all teeth simultaneously in just 30 seconds. “It literally cleans all teeth, even hard-to-reach places, at the same time,” said Dr. Paul, DDS. “MYST is perfect for busy people, like most of my patients, who want healthier, whiter teeth … but don’t have the time to brush perfectly twice a day for two minutes each time. “

Dentists agree that most cavities are the result of poor and often inconsistent brushing habits, such as brushing too hard, not hard enough, or simply not brushing for the recommended length of time. “This is why so many people, including dentists, are excited about the MYST automatic toothbrush, because it only takes 30 seconds twice a day to leave your teeth clean and clean in the dental office. Best of all, it brushes each tooth 24 times longer and four times faster than traditional brushing. “

According to the developers, MYST XRT was scientifically designed using the same proven methods recommended by leading dentists for brushing, just in a fraction of the time – just 30 seconds twice a day. Another huge benefit of MYST automatic toothbrush, explains Dr. Paul, is that incorrect brushing is fundamentally impossible with MYST Automatic toothbrush. “That’s right… it’s just a matter of proof of error. You don’t have to worry about brushing at the wrong angle or not reaching those hard-to-reach areas – MYST does almost everything a person needs to automatically achieve dental quality cleaning in just 30 seconds. “

Dr Paul added that the MYST The toothbrush is also an excellent whitening tool. “It works great with any teeth whitening product on the market, and due to its special built-in LED blue whitening light, there is extra whitening power while it cleans,” a- he declared. “With MYST, a person simply slides into the mouthpiece and leaves MYST do the rest, that’s why I recommend the MYST Automatic toothbrush to my patients. Best of all, it brushes each tooth eight times longer and 12 times faster than traditional brushing, which is a huge bonus in today’s busy world. “

For more information on MYST, and to receive a 50% discount for the first 1,000 customers, visit MystOralCare.com.

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