Dental Fixed Point of Contact Call


I have worked in the country for over 25 years. Throughout this time, I have seen many improvements in health care. It came to fruition at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to my home country, local authorities have taken decisive action to stem its tide. As a result, the population was spared the level of devastation seen elsewhere.

However, what my wife recently encountered seemed quite at odds with my own experience.

A month ago, she went to the dental clinic to have a prosthesis redone. The specialist told him he would be ready to be picked up in a few days. But after two weeks of waiting for a phone call, she decided to contact the clinic. To his surprise, his denture mold was gone.

She was then referred to a new specialist, who told her she would be contacted soon and given an appointment to make a new mold. After another two weeks without follow-up, she went to the clinic to inquire. Instead of attending to her needs, they asked her if she would like a dental cleaning.

I believe individually, these specialists are professional and competent. However, perhaps the real problem here is the lack of a fixed point of contact. I hope the authorities can look into the matter.

Long time resident


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