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A Quick Look at Delta’s Dental Insurance Ratings

Delta Dental Policy Options

Delta Dental offers five different dental insurance plans to meet a variety of dental and orthodontic needs. In addition, Delta Dental offers a vision insurance policy. Benzinga rates Delta Dental a 4.5 out of five for its comprehensive coverage options.

  • DeltaCare USA (HMO): Most affordable – pay little or no co-payment for preventive care; choose a dentist from a network.
  • Delta Dental Patient Direct: Fastest and easiest – select a dentist from the participating network who charges lower costs; pay the dentist immediately with no paperwork to submit.
  • Delta Dental OPP: Prices for the most balanced services – access a network of dentists who accept lower rates; cheapest direct payments.
  • Delta Dental Premier: Best in-network – a fee-for-service plan with the largest network of practitioners; you only pay the copayment and the deductible.
  • Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier: Largest – combines PPO and Premier networks; get the benefit of that dentist’s contract charge even if you are not in-network.
  • Delta view: Extra coverage – savings on vision tests, contact lenses, glasses and laser vision correction. You can purchase Delta Vision as a standalone policy or as part of your dental plan.

Because each individual’s dental needs are unique, no one policy works for everyone. You need to think about what services you and your family might need. Then you can compare your needs to the services and prices of each policy.

Unfortunately, not all policies are available in all states, so some people may not find ideal coverage through Delta.

Individuals and Families

The DeltaCare USA plan is ideal for low-income families because it offers low monthly rates, no annual limits, and no deductibles for preventative care such as cleanings and checkups. The Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier policy offers a wider range of dentists for families who want more comprehensive coverage.

The policy includes preventative treatments such as cleanings, exams and more major dental operations like root canals or crowns.

senior coverage

For seniors with Medicare who want to see an in-network dentist, the Delta Patient Direct plan offers a convenient membership offer in exchange for discounts. On the other hand, seniors who need extensive dental care should consider a Dental PPO or Premier policy.

Delta Dental’s plan offerings depend on your state, so be sure to understand the specific plan details before committing to dental coverage. For example, you may need to know if there is a waiting period for certain services or the cost of individual services.

Small enterprises

Delta Dental offers group dental insurance plans for small businesses in addition to individual, family and senior policies. Dental benefits can be vital to employees as part of their compensation, and Delta Dental’s nationwide network protects more smiles than any other dental insurance provider.


For retirees looking for affordable dental insurance or comprehensive plans, Delta Dental has options for everyone. You’ll want to consider several factors when choosing a dental plan, and one size doesn’t fit all.

One way to approach shopping is to try to anticipate the specific coverage needs of each member of your family. Also, assess which plan is financially feasible by looking at things like annual maximums and deductibles and types of services covered to make sure you’re getting the level of care you need.

You can find a cost estimator on the Delta Dental website to determine how much coverage you need and which plan fits your budget. Remember that prices and services vary by state. You can also search for a dentist in your area for treatment.

Delta Dental Customer Service

The quality of customer service varies between Delta Dental locations. According to mixed reviews from the BBB and Consumer Affairs website, Delta’s customer service rating could be improved.

You can contact Delta Dental by sending a message online via the customer inquiry form. Also, you can search for a local office to get the phone number, fax, email address, and mailing address of a local representative.

Prices depend on your condition, plan, group insurance changes and employer contributions. Overall, the family plan values ​​are exceptional and offer deep discounts.

If you need preventative care procedures, including checkups, cleanings, and bitewing x-rays, Delta’s plans offer some of the most affordable solutions on the market. You can also get coverage for out-of-network dentists, but you may have to pay a higher premium for this privilege.

Another distinctive aspect is that the treatments have a maximum price instead of reimbursing you a part like other insurance companies.

The Delta Dental mobile app for iOS or Android provides access to a mobile ID card, dentist locator and cost estimator. But policyholders can also find these tools on the company’s website. Many users have given the app a bad review due to its lack of useful features. The ability to view the status of claims or make payments would be handy but is not available through the app.

Benefits for Delta Dental users

Some benefits for Delta Dental users include a dentist locator, cost estimator, and resources to keep your smile healthy.

The dentist locator on the app or homepage helps policyholders locate a nearby dentist. You can search for a specialist or find a dentist under your specific dental plan.

Another tool on Delta’s app or homepage is the Cost Estimator, which helps consumers calculate various processing costs by zip code.

Delta Dental has an extensive resource library that promotes good oral hygiene and provides information on its benefits. Some resources include SmileWay, which offers engaging oral health activities, knowledge, and tools for the whole family.

Smile! is Delta Dental’s electronic magazine with dental health announcements and recommendations. MySmileKids also provides educational resources such as stories, contests and pointers for teachers and children.

Delta Dental Application Process

If you’re buying dental insurance, Delta Dental is a great option, but not necessarily through the app. The insurer offers five different dental plans, making it easy to find cheap coverage. Delta Dental offers group plans to individuals, rather than just corporations, allowing individuals to get the same dental coverage offered by corporations.

Despite mixed customer service reviews, Delta Dental offers Americans some of the most comprehensive and affordable coverage choices nationwide in most areas. Preventive services preserve the health of your smile over the long term, helping to minimize the need for costly procedures.

Some of these plans are extremely beneficial for families or individuals who need more comprehensive dental care. Reimbursement for specific procedures is transparent, simplifying budgeting. Overall, if Delta Dental is accessible in your state, it’s worth investigating as a potential insurer.

Delta Dental vs Competitors

Dental care is essential for your overall health. Oral health and dental cleanliness benefits your heart and overall well-being. Dental insurance can help cover the cost of oral treatment that will help you maintain your dental health.

Preventive care services, such as cleanings and X-rays, are covered at 100%. Meanwhile, all basic and major dental and orthodontic procedures, such as root canals, implants and crowns, are covered at 50%.

Compared to its competitors, Delta Dental has the largest network of dentists in the country, some of the best discounts and the most affordable premiums. Most providers don’t offer low-cost orthodontic options, but Delta Dental offers several plans that include orthodontic therapy for children and adults.

Delta Dental’s extensive network makes finding a dentist easy, and the company offers a wide range of coverage options to suit all budgets. You can contact customer service or find a local office directly through their website when you need help.

Before purchasing a dental insurance plan, you should consider the benefits of each plan and how it fits into your monthly budget. Consumers should also determine the amount covered by the plan, when payments are due, and the usefulness of the online portal or application. Overall, Delta Dental provides quality coverage and service.

Delta Dental has great dental insurance packages, but doesn’t always excel in customer service. Contacting Delta Dental can sometimes be difficult as complaints about their customer service have been reported online, which is why Delta Dental is rated 4/5 instead of 5/5.

The good news is that the number of options helps make dental plans more accessible. Delta Dental is one of the most affordable companies available to most Americans, and many people can access affordable plans without having to spend a lot of time shopping around.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Delta Dental good insurance?


Delta Dental has decades of expertise and outstanding ratings from AM Best and BBB. However, it has received mixed consumer reviews, meaning coverage may be better in some areas than others.


Does Delta Dental cover implants?


Yes. The two Delta Dental plans covering implants include Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier policies.


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