Delta Dental Insurance Company Announces New Teledentistry Offers for Members in Florida


SAN FRANCISCO, February 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Delta Dental Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Delta Dental of California, today announced two new teledentistry offerings that allow participants to Florida the possibility of receiving a preventive oral health consultation remotely. These virtual dentistry tools, encompassing live and photo-based assessment options, allow remote (or virtual) access to care for members of the Delta Dental of California PPO ™ and Delta Dental Premier® plans to implement network dentists. This virtual expert advice is delivered via videoconferencing platforms and smartphone applications. Available as a covered benefit on an ongoing basis, Delta Dental Insurance Company’s virtual dentistry tools provide members with access to the largest network of high-quality virtual dentists.

The first offering is an innovative photo-based app that offers virtual dental exams from a dentist from Delta Dental Insurance Company for non-urgent issues. After members download the app and complete a short form, they are guided through taking six photos of different areas of their teeth, gums, and areas of concern. The photos are then automatically routed through a HIPAA compliant channel to a dentist who will provide a personalized report within 24 hours.

For more urgent needs or when members wish to speak with a Delta Dental Insurance Company dentist, the Virtual Consultation Option is a secure video tool that connects members and providers directly. After an initial discussion to learn more about the dental problem, a dentist will guide the member through a virtual oral exam and suggest treatment options and prescriptions, if necessary.

In addition to providing additional flexibility for many patients, teledentistry offers an important assessment option for people with disabilities, the elderly who have difficulty getting around, those who live in rural areas with few dental clinics. in their region and members looking for a second opinion.

“Oral health is essential to overall health and therefore the benefits of convenient access to care are significant,” said Kevin Jackson, Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer of Delta Dental of California. “As we continually seek ways to serve our customers, members and suppliers, virtual tools have great potential to deliver care safely and easily, when and where it’s needed. “

Delta Dental California members are encouraged to learn more by visiting Additionally, Delta Dental Insurance Company group customers can contact their account representative for more information on virtual dentistry.

The availability of virtual consultation providers may vary by state. Appointments are subject to availability of schedules.

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Since 1955, Delta Dental of California has provided comprehensive, high-quality oral health care coverage to millions of registrants and built the nation’s strongest network of dental providers. The dental delta of California the business includes its affiliates, Delta Dental Insurance Company, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, Delta Dental from New York, Inc., and provides dental benefits to more than 36 million people in 15 states and the District of Colombia; and includes the national DeltaCare United States network. All are members of the Delta Dental Plans Association, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, the national nonprofit association that collectively covers millions of people across the country. For more information on Delta Dental from California, please visit

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