Delta Dental Insurance Company and P&R Dental Strategies Partner to Incorporate DentaQual® Quality Assessment System into Delta Dental Alabama Dentist Directory Listings


SAN FRANCISCO and HAMILTON, New Jersey, September 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Delta Dental Insurance Company and P&R Dental Strategies, the leading provider of data-driven business solutions for dental payers, today announced a partnership that began in April 2021 integrate the DentaQual quality assessment system for dentists in the lists of dentist directories in the Delta Dental network in Alabama. DentaQual, developed by P&R Dental Strategies, is the first-ever objective scoring system for oral health care that showcases Delta Dental’s quality of care from California network providers provide their patients. Delta Dental Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Delta Dental of California which operates in 15 US states and Washington DC and includes the Delta Dental subsidiaries of Pennsylvania, Delta Dental from new York, Inc., and National DeltaCare United States network.

The DentaQual Assessment System is designed to meet the growing demand from dental consumers for objective quality assessments for dentists. Rather than relying on subjective patient testimonials, DentaQual ratings are determined using data from DentaBase®, P&R Dental Strategies’ database of anonymized and aggregated claims from more than 70 national and regional payers of oral health benefits. Dentists are scored on key metrics that focus on treatment outcome, commitment to best practice, cost-effectiveness, patient retention, and treatment recommendations. DentaQual compares the scores of each dentist to the average scores of their peers in the same specialty and geography to generate an overall score for each dentist.

“We believe quality deserves recognition in a way that can help dentists in our network retain and add patients while also introducing more transparency for our members – their patients,” said Dr. Daniel Croley, chief dentist at Delta Dental of California. “Feedback from our customers and market intermediaries has always indicated a desire for quality measurements in oral health care, which is exactly what DentaQual provides. ”

Paul T. Sheils, CEO of P&R Dental Strategies, said: “We are delighted that Delta Dental has California selected P&R and our DentaQual quality measurement platform to provide objective quality ratings for its networked dentists. By implementing this pioneering initiative, Delta Dental of California has demonstrated its strong commitment to making quality of care and transparency a top priority for its members in 15 states and the District of Colombia. We applaud them. “

Delta Dental Insurance Company’s online dentist directory now offers a consumer-friendly DentaQual Global Score linked to a full DentaQual scorecard for Delta Dental PPO and Premier plan providers in its 15-state business and District of Colombia, and DeltaCare United States dentists who participate in the PPO and Premier plans.

About Delta Dental de California
Since 1955, Delta Dental of California has provided comprehensive, high-quality oral health care coverage to millions of registrants and built the nation’s strongest network of dental providers. The dental delta of California the company includes its subsidiaries Delta Dental Insurance Company, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, Delta Dental from new York, Inc., as well as the National DeltaCare United States network, and provides dental services to more than 38 million people in 15 states and the District of Colombia*. All are members of the Delta Dental Plans Association based in Oak Brook, Illinois, the national nonprofit association that, through a nationwide network of Delta Dental companies, collectively covers millions of people across the country. For more information on Delta Dental from California, please visit

* Dental delta of California the operating areas include Alabama, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, new York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and the District of Colombia.

About P&R Dental Strategies, LLC
P&R Dental Strategies is the premier dental analysis company providing personalized, actionable business information powered by DentaBase, our national multi-payer claims database. P&R Dental Strategies’ flexible and leading technology platform provides a suite of quality metrics, business forecasting, complaint review and usage management, vendor profiling, fraud prevention and from abuse and network development to customers seeking to contain costs and maximize efficiency. through their businesses. P&R Dental Strategies clients can count on the support of a team of industry-leading dentists, consultants and statisticians to focus on their unique challenges.

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