Creepy dentist’s office appears abandoned when woman shows up for appointment: ‘I’m rightfully worried’


A woman claimed the office was practically a ghost town when she showed up at an Aspen dental center for an emergency appointment.

Aspen Dental is a large chain of dental practices that was subject to a class action lawsuit in 2012 for deceive customers. TikToker @joymaria27043 documented a bizarre incident she experienced with the company.

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She took her daughter, who was in pain, to an early morning emergency appointment. The mom booked the tour the night before using a company call Number. But when she and her daughter arrived, they slowly realized that the whole office was empty and not kept safe at all.

The mom showed up at the dentist’s office at 9:20 a.m. for a 9:30 a.m. appointment. At 10 a.m., when they couldn’t reach anyone, she decided to try and find someone in the building.

“We showed up and the lobby is open. Everything is open,” she said. said.

All the office doors were open. She was able to walk into different doctor’s offices and even found a scary pair of shoes. She just couldn’t find a single living soul.

She said they were “shouting and calling people”, but no one answered.

“I am legitimately worried,” he said. said. “But there is nothing here.”

They were on hold with head office for 33 minutes at the time of filming, but still got no response. A user asked if there was an update. She replied, “No. I called the cops to make sure they were okay,” but she still hadn’t heard back.

“It’s the Rapture”, a user said.

“I once went to Aspen Dental. NEVER AGAIN tried to sue me for a surgery that I had never taken out a loan for in my name that I never accepted. I won”, another wrote.

“Dental Aspen is the worst”, a person added.

“I used to work for Aspen doesn’t surprise me”, someone replied.

“My mom had surgery in Aspen, and they sent her residence bleed. She needed a blood transfusion,” said TikToker commented.

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