Can Twitter Help Improve Dental Education?


Analysis of published studies indicates that Twitter can be a useful learning tool in dental education.

The analysis, published in the Journal of Dental Education, included 7 studies. Studies have shown that real-time question and answer sessions using Twitter work well in an educational setting. Additionally, semi-anonymous interactions on Twitter can be beneficial for students who do not wish to speak in front of their peers. Twitter can also make lessons more engaging and it can be used to ask questions that assess student understanding.

Investigators noted that there are significant barriers to using Twitter in dental education, however, including confidentiality and concerns about professionalism.

“We live in a dynamic world where the use of social media such as Twitter is now part of our daily life. It is amazing that many dentists and dental students around the world use Twitter as a live platform to discuss clinical cases and share news, knowledge and experiences, ”said lead author Omar Kujan, DDS , PhD, University of Western Australia. “Our study is the first to gather current evidence regarding the use of Twitter in dental education. Our results confirmed the potential of Twitter as a useful learning tool in dental education, but there was some obstacles Future research would help refine the use of Twitter and improve its effectiveness in dental education.


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