Calls for reform as inquiry shows battle for NHS dental care in Shropshire

Hélène Morgan, MP

The Lib Dem MP said the Conservative government was neglecting residents’ health care and said new research found nine out of ten dentists in Shropshire were not taking on new adult patients.

She said: “Here in Shropshire people face a battle to see a dentist and a battle to see a GP. People are being forced to spend thousands of pounds on private treatment because they can’t get appointments with the NHS and that’s not fair.

“More needs to be done to recruit additional dentists and encourage the establishment of new practices in North Shropshire so that everyone can get the care they need.”

The BBC survey showed there were just six dentists in all of Shropshire willing to accept new adult NHS patients.

Ms Morgan said: ‘The shortage of dentists is another sign of the Conservative government’s neglect of our healthcare system. And yet, the Conservatives still act as if there is no problem. »

A spokesperson for NHS England, Midlands, said: “During the pandemic, an estimated 12 months of appointments have been lost due to lockdowns and infection prevention and control measures.

“Schemes have been put in place to give NHS dentists extra business to run extra weekend appointments to see more patients. This scheme also provides extra appointments for urgent cases each day during weekdays. Anyone in urgent need of a dentist should contact NHS 111.”


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