Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance Review


Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Assessments at a Glance

BCBS Dental Policy Options

Coverage in all 50 states? Yes
Number of plan options 3+ (varies by state)

BCBS offers pediatric, individual adult and family dental plans. Because BCBS has 34 independent, locally-run companies, plans vary depending on where you live and which company serves your area.

Blue Pediatric plans provide dental coverage for children up to age 19. In a sample plan, the BCBS shows that there is no deductible or annual benefit maximum with a pediatric plan. For preventive and diagnostic care such as exams, cleanings and x-rays, there is a $20 co-pay for each visit. For basic restorative care such as fillings or major dental work such as bridges and crowns, you must pay a 50% coinsurance fee. Additionally, Blue Pediatric plans cover medically necessary orthodontic services.

For individual and family plans, BCBS offers several levels. Each level increases the bounty and benefits. For example, Blue Value Dental 1 has a monthly premium of $30.34 per subscriber and a maximum annual benefit of $750 per subscriber per calendar year. The Blue Value Dental 3 plan has a monthly premium of $44.07 per subscriber and a maximum annual benefit of $1,500 per subscriber per calendar year. If you add a spouse or children to the plan, the monthly premium increases and each person receives a separate annual maximum benefit.

BCBS dental customer service

The customer service offered by BCBS varies depending on the local company providing the insurance plans. BCBS offers a main phone line that anyone can call to find out more about insurance options. You can also call this hotline to be connected to your local BCBS company. For specific questions about coverage and benefits, it is best to call your local BCBS number.

BCBS ratings are assigned to each company, so they are not the same across the country. For example, the JD Power rating for Alabama’s BCBS is 760 and Rhode Island’s BCBS is 722.

BBB rating N / A
AM Highest rating A+ (for BCBS of South Carolina; may vary depending on your local business)
NAIC Complaint Index Varies by company
Rating from Moody’s Varies by company
Rated power JD Varies by company

Getting a quote for a BCBS dental plan is a little different from getting a health insurance quote. You can most likely get a quote for the cost of your family’s dental insurance from your state’s health insurance marketplace. Some of the BCBS companies also publish the prices and coverages of their dental plans on their website.

Keep in mind that price and coverage can vary widely between BCBS companies, even between companies in the same state. Take the example of these two companies.

Highmark Blue Shield Northeastern New York Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York
Blue Pediatric Dental (PPO) monthly premium $31.67 per child $26.73 per child
Blue Pediatric Dental (PPO) Maximum Disbursements $350 for 1 child
$700 for 2 or more children
$350 for 1 child
$700 for 2 or more children
Blue Pediatric Dental (PPO) preventive/diagnostic care Co-payment of $20 per visit Co-payment of $20 per visit
Blue Value Dental 1 monthly premium (PPO) $30.34 for 1 person
$60.68 for subscriber and spouse/domestic partner
$81.48 for subscriber and 1 or more children
$126.36 for family
$24.96 for 1 person
$49.92 for subscriber and spouse/domestic partner
$67.67 for subscriber and 1 or more children
$104.91 for family
Blue Value Dental 1 (PPO) Maximum Disbursements N / A N / A
Blue Value Dental 1 (PPO) preventive/diagnostic care $0 co-pay per visit $0 co-pay per visit

BCBS Dental Application Experience

To enroll in a BCBS dental plan, you can go through your state’s health insurance market or through your local company’s website. Each company’s application process may be different. With Western New York’s Highmark BCBS, for example, you can easily submit an application.

When you complete the application, you can indicate whether you are applying for a medical only plan, a dental only plan or a combined medical and dental plan. You will be asked for details of where you live to ensure you are applying to the correct local company. In the next step, you must indicate why you are enrolling in a dental plan. It could be as simple as because it’s open enrollment and you want a new dental plan. Or, you can indicate that you have lost coverage or wish to change your policy.

If you have children, several options are available to you. You can purchase a family plan to extend coverage to your children. You can also enroll in a pediatric dental plan for children. BCBS asks you to complete a separate application for each child if you want them each to benefit from a pediatric dental plan.

Finally, you can choose the date you want your dental plan to start. You can also choose whether you want to pay your premiums monthly or quarterly.

BCBS Dental Claims Process

The BCBS claims process for dental claims seems to be similar across the board, no matter which local company you work with. You may submit a claim for an actual service statement if you are submitting a claim for dental services that you have already received. The type of services you received will also determine the dental records you must submit to the insurance company. For example, if you are filing a claim for a filling, you may need to submit the most recent x-rays of your tooth before you receive the filling. You may also need to provide an explanation as to why the procedure was medically necessary.

You may also submit a claim prior to processing to request predetermination or pre-authorization for the services you plan to receive. The claim form is the same and should be available on your local business website.

BCBS Dental vs Competitors

BCBS offers an extensive network of dental providers and competitive rates for its plans. Since dental plans are offered by 34 different companies across the country, it’s important to look at your local company when comparing dental plans to those of your competitors. Benzinga’s guide to how dental insurance works can help you evaluate each of your options to determine which plan is best for you.

BCBS as a whole is a highly respected insurance provider for medical and dental coverage. The company offers dental insurance in all 50 states and has an extensive network of providers, making affordable dental care readily available to many people.

That being said, customer service and pricing can vary widely between the 34 individual BCBS companies that operate nationwide. Fortunately, BCBS makes it easy to connect with your local business so you can discuss your coverage options. With pediatric, individual, and family plans, BCBS likely has a dental plan that will meet your needs and those of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I see which doctors accept BCBS dental insurance?


Each local BCBS company’s website has a “Find a Dentist” tool that you can use to see which providers accept your dental coverage.


Why are there so many BCBS companies?


BCBS operates community businesses in 34 local markets because BCBS is committed to providing customized products and services that meet the needs of each community.


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