Appointment behind closed doors of the city council scheduled for Thursday evening in Culpeper, as usual | Latest news


A total of nine vacant board positions have occurred during that time, according to the city, including Brown. Some appointments were followed by elections to the local governing body.

When mayor-elect Frank Reaves was appointed in 2010, he served five months before winning the seat election in a special election in November that year.

Councilor Meaghan Taylor was also appointed in 2014, then elected in a special election later in the year.

Whoever is appointed Thursday night will also have to run in the November 2022 election to stay on the nine-member council.

And early next year, the board will meet again to fulfill Reaves’ unexpired tenure after winning the mayoral race. Whoever is appointed to that seat will also have to run in the November elections to stay on the board.

Residents of the town who applied to fill Brown’s vacant position are: C. Lee, former president of the Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services Council Robert Legge, former CEO of the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce and council candidate Robert W . “Wes” Mayles, Jr., local businessman and election official Jeffery C. Mitchell, former city councilor and council candidate Robert M. (Bobby) Ryan, council candidate James Frederick Sapp and council candidate Adrian D. Sledge, according to City Clerk Kim Allen. Those on the council’s list of candidates ran in the November 11 elections but were not chosen to fill the four empty seats.


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