American Dental Education Association Statement Advocates For Dental Benefit In Medicare


WASHINGTON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) believes that comprehensive dental coverage should be part of any comprehensive public or private health care coverage plan and should be available to everyone.

Oral health care is essential care. Congress has the historic and unprecedented opportunity to recognize that oral health is essential to overall health and justifies the creation of such a benefit in Medicare. We know that gum disease is linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We know that early detection of oral cancer is fundamental for survival. We know that untreated tooth abscesses can lead to death. We also know that these conditions disproportionately affect people over the age of 60.

According to the Federal Reserve report, Economic well-being of American households in 2020, dental care was the most frequently overlooked care due to inability to pay. Oral health services are crucial for the general health of older people and people with disabilities, who often have difficulty accessing dental care. This puts them at increased risk of complications from other chronic health conditions, leading to increased healthcare costs and burdens on emergency rooms, which are often ill-equipped to meet needs. oral health care patients.

We encourage the passage of legislation that extends Medicare coverage to a wide range of oral health services for all and ensures reimbursement for these services at rates commensurate with the high quality of care provided.

About ADEA: The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is the voice of dental education. Our mission is to lead and support the health professional community in preparing oral health professionals ready for the future. Our members include 78 U.S. and Canadian dental schools, more than 800 Allied and advanced dental training programs, more than 50 companies and approximately 18,000 people. Our activities encompass a wide range of research, advocacy, faculty development, meetings and communications, including the Journal of Dental Education®, as well as the application services of dental schools ADEA AADSAS®, ADEA PASS®, ADEA DHCAS® and ADEA CAAPID®. For more information visit


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