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AARP dental plans are provided exclusively by Delta Dental, an insurance company that covers more than 80 million people in the United States. communications for Delta Dental of California.

There are three types of dental plans available to AARP members through Delta Dental. Two are Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, which means dentists accept lower payment for services when treating a PPO patient. The third plan is DeltaCare USA, a dental health maintenance organization (DHMO). The DHMO focuses on oral health with routine cleanings and exams at little or no cost to the client. The two PPO plans provided by AARP allow customers to use the dentist of their choice, while the HMO plan uses a network of dental providers. If you are an AARP member, your acceptance into one of their dental plans is guaranteed. All plans have no waiting period for diagnostic and preventive services. For more complex procedures, such as crowns or dentures, there is a 12 month waiting period.

Plan OPP A:

  • Annual deductible: $40
  • Annual maximum: $1,500
  • Available States: All 50 States, Puerto Rico, and Other US Territories

PPO Plan B:

  • Annual deductible: $90
  • Annual maximum: $1,000
  • Available States: All 50 States, Puerto Rico, and Other US Territories

HMO (Delta Care USA):

  • Annual deductible: None
  • Annual maximum: None
  • Available states: Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia

Supplier network

The two Delta Dental PPO plans provided by AARP allow customers to use any licensed dentist of their choice, while the DeltaCare USA HMO plan uses a network of dental providers.

“For PPO plans, we use the Delta Dental PPO network, although insured members can see the dentist of their choice. However, plan enrollees experience the most savings when they visit an in-network PPO dentist,” adds Sarris. Those using DeltaCare (HMO/DHMO) plans should see their designated provider (a DeltaCare USA dentist).

The number of network providers varies by state and plan availability. To find available providers in their state, customers can use the “find a dentist” tool on the Delta Dental website to research plan details and network availability.

Additional Programs Offered by AARP

In addition to dental insurance, AARP offers other money-saving programs for its members, including:


  • Banking and investments
  • Financial planning
  • Fraud Prevention
  • retirement planning


  • Health care
  • Eligible for Medicare
  • Pet
  • Vehicle
  • Life
  • Goods

Discounts on technology and wireless:

  • Identity theft protection
  • Cellular service
  • Online printing services
  • Protection against computer malware

Travel Discounts:

  • Car rental
  • Cruises
  • Flights and Vacation Packages
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Train and routes
  • Trip planning
  • Gasoline and automotive services

Discounts on purchases:

  • Gifts
  • Races
  • Health and wellness programs

A complete list of all member benefits is available on the AARP website.

The customer service experience

On nearly 130 ratings on Consumer Affairs, Delta Dental scores 3.7 out of 5 stars. Reviews reveal mixed customer service. One user writes: “They pay for almost everything. Last time, I was there to have a tooth pulled. They paid all but $67. This insurance is worth it. I’ve had them for over 10 years. They are the best and they will not change.

Another, meanwhile, shares, “I have had Delta Dental insurance for several years. Every time I submitted a valid claim they delayed payment for unreasonable reasons. They made it much harder to reach a rep to talk to. I had to call them several times to process a complaint. Claim rejected for no reason and they tried every way possible to make it harder to receive payment for a valid claim.

Working with an independent insurance agent can help provide a better customer service experience, as they typically help submit claims.


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